Protect the Bottom Line with Smarter Security for Your Small Business

If you’re a small business owner, you’re constantly mindful of spending money wisely to ensure maximum profitability. You may look at a high-tech security system as an expensive luxury. Let Mountain Alarm show you how our scalable security solutions can meet the needs–and budgets–of businesses of any size.

The latest security, life safety, and automation devices and technology have never been more realistic for small businesses. While we offer a wide array of solutions for large commercial operations, two of the most vital means of protecting a small business are intrusion detection and video surveillance.

Intrusion Detection for Small Businesses

Mountain Alarm security systems can be armed automatically and remotely. If you or an employee closes shop without arming intrusion detection, the system can arm itself automatically. Or you can check the status of the system and arm it remotely from your smart phone or home computer.

Whether you have one employee or dozens, each can be assigned a unique code to arm and disarm the system. This is an excellent way to track when employees are arriving in the morning or closing at night.

Our state-of-the art sensors can detect motion, glass breaking, fire, smoke, and when an entrance or window is opened. They can also be set up to alert you when a safe is opened or an office is accessed. If an alarm is triggered, the system will alert you and our 24/7 monitoring centers whose agents can confirm the nature of the alarm with you or a designated employee. The agent will then dispatch law enforcement or other first responders as needed.

Video Surveillance for Small Businesses

We offer a many different options for security cameras that give you an anytime view of your business, inside and out. Our video surveillance combines cloud storage, system performance monitoring, and analytics to ensure footage is readily available and easily found and shared. If an alarm is triggered, you can receive a video alert and quickly verify whether it’s an emergency or false alarm with one touch through the app.

Cameras allow the system to accurately detect people and vehicles entering your property. Receive real-time alerts if anyone attempts to access the property after hours. While useful for protecting your property while you’re closed, security cameras are also key to tracking employee and customer actions throughout the day.

Perhaps you have an outdated security system at your place of business already. Our modern systems are sophisticated, yet easy to use. Updated technology and upgraded equipment can eliminate common frustrations like false alarms and unreliable alarm signals.

Call us today at 1-888-349-3455 if you’re interested in protecting a business of any size. One of our security experts can provide a free on-site assessment and no-obligation quote for a system that bests meets your needs.