Proudly Protecting Lives–Why We Do What We Do

For those of us who work for our family of fire and security companies, the following story makes us very proud of what we do.

On the afternoon of November 14, 2015, a fire started in the kitchen of a residential unit of one of our customers–a facility for those with special needs. The occupant of the unit, in fear for her life, ran to her bedroom and hid. As the intensity of the heat and fire increased, our quick-response fire sprinkler discharged and extinguished the fire immediately.

The fire sprinkler system’s flow switch activated and alerted the alarm panel. It simultaneously sent signals to all of the on-site horn strobes and notified our monitoring center. Our monitoring professionals then followed protocol and called the fire department, providing all the important information needed to properly respond to the emergency.

Upon their arrival, the fire department quickly assessed the situation and shut off the flow of water from the fire sprinkler system, then silenced the alarm. Our on-call fire technicians quickly responded and replaced one sprinkler head and restored the sprinkler and alarm systems. The unaffected residents returned to their rooms, a bit shaken but comforted by the knowledge that our systems worked flawlessly, keeping them safe and protected.

Events such as these, which affect the lives of those we are dedicated to protect, are why we take pride in what we do each and every day.