Providing Secure Access to Your Home or Business

In our world of Security services, Access Control usually refers to how we help our commercial customers securely monitor and provide access to employees, customers, and visitors. But with a doorbell camera and a smart lock, homeowners with a Mountain Alarm system and interactive services can achieve much the same level of protection.

We offer a variety of smart locks that allow you to unlock your door remotely using the app and your smartphone. Now combine that feature with the ability to see who is at your entrance with a doorbell camera. With a wide view of your front entrance area, whether someone rings the bell or not, you’ll have an extra security camera ideally positioned. A doorbell camera alone can effectively deter unwanted visitors from coming onto your property.

Expecting a valuable delivery? When the delivery driver rings your smart doorbell, you’ll get an alert that turns into a video feed. You can talk to the driver then unlock your smart lock all from the same screen. Then simply have him leave your package safely inside, relock your door, and re-arm your system right from the app. Many models also have the capability to program several different user codes and make access rules unique to those codes.

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