Questions About Securing Your Business? Mountain Alarm has Answers.

If you own or operate a business, you may have questions about the best security and life-safety solutions for your operation. When exploring the many business security options, keep in mind that smarter security technology can do far more than just prevent break-ins. If you find yourself asking any of the following questions, a Mountain Alarm security system paired with’s business platform just might be the ideal solution for protecting your enterprise.

How can my security system grow with my business?

If you have a goal of expanding one day, enhancing your security capabilities should be a top priority. With Mountain Alarm and, managing a growing operation has never been easier. With our enterprise dashboard and user-friendly app, multi-location management is simple, convenient, and efficient. Check in on employees and customers with the latest surveillance cameras. Easily add or remove user access codes for superior Access Control, setting rules and permissions based on policies and company roles, or put site control in the hands of a trusted manager. From the app, you can easily manage and automate all of it.

How do I best monitor employee productivity?

You hired your employees because of their qualifications, and they’ve likely earned your trust. But improving employee productivity is a goal every business strives to meet. Employees arriving late or leaving early hurts the bottom line. The same applies when supplies disappear, registers don’t balance, or the books are off. Employing a smarter business security platform with video, access control, and monitoring can help identify the causes and culprits.

How can I save energy?

With the cost of running a business continuing to rise, owners have to take advantage every savings opportunity. Mountain Alarm and optimize energy usage through a combination of smart thermostats, specialized sensors, controlled access to equipment, and pre-set rules. Create automated energy-usage schedules based on operating hours. Set the thermostat to adjust when no one is detected in the office and get alert when the temperature is manually adjusted. By monitoring and controlling usage needed in different zones, you’ll identify issues at your property that may be affecting monthly costs. A room that won’t maintain a constant temperature might have an HVAC or insulation issue, for example.

How can I keep tabs on weather conditions?

For many industries, weather can adversely affect day-to-day operations. Mountain Alarm offers the best commercial indoor and outdoor solutions to keep pace with Mother Nature. Scorching heatwaves and sub-zero temperatures tax power grids. Power outages are unpredictable. With a Mountain Alarm system, you’ll receive real-time alerts of any weather changes, from an approaching thunderstorm to extreme events such as wildfires and tornadoes.

Are there additional benefits to smart security?

Mountain Alarm can customize features that meet your business’ unique needs. For example, our systems allow you customize rules and notifications based simply on your phone’s location. Imagine being greeted by a warm, brightly lit space on a cold morning, automated as you get nearer to your office. Or receiving a reminder to remotely arm the system if you forget when you leave for the day. Mountain Alarm’s smarter business solutions provide security, peace of mind, convenience, and control for you and your employees. Call us today at 1-888-349-3455 to learn more about options to best secure, automate, and enhance your business operations.