Set Rules, Schedules, and Scenes in the App for Extra Convenience

One of the most useful features of Smart Home devices is the ability to set up automatic actions. Based on schedules and rules you set for your system, you can automate arming and disarming, thermostats, lights, locks, appliances and more.


Set rules based on the time of day and the day of the week. For example, automate your lights to turn on and the temperature to adjust before arriving home from work.


Have your system act automatically based on your location. For example, set your system to arm whenever you travel a specified distance from home.


Set rules based on the status of other devices. For example, when you arm your system you can automatically have your doors lock, garage door close, and thermostat go into energy-saving mode.

Personalize Your System

Your home is unique–customize how it works. It’s really very easy to automate your system and devices with Inside the app, navigate to “Automation.” There you will see tabs for rules, schedules, and scenes. These can easily be customized with your automated settings:

Contact us today if you need help automating your system for greater convenience and cost-savings. If you don’t currently have interactive services, we’d love to show you how upgrading your system can make your home safer and smarter.