Smart Home Safety Tips for the Holiday Season

Take some extra steps to keep your home and loved ones safe during the holidays. This year, more than any other, we all deserve to enjoy a festive, peaceful season.

Follow these easy tips to bolster your home security now, so you have the peace of mind to fully focus on family and fun.

Start with security cameras

Two-thirds of homeowners worry about break-ins more during the holidays, but there are plenty of ways to better ensure your protection. One of the most visible and effective measures is using security cameras. The presence of video surveillance sends a clear message to potential intruders that your home and property are being actively monitored. smart home security cameras go a step further with video analytics, a feature that detects objects and identifies them as people, animals, or vehicles. This information is communicated to you through real-time alerts. The technology can even trigger your smart lights to turn on, further deterring an intruder.

Make your neighborhood even more friendly

It's the perfect time to connect or re-connect with your neighbors to team up against crime. Make all of your homes safer by keeping an eye out for one another.

While connecting in person can be a challenge at this time, take advantage of digital tools that make it easy to stay in touch and current on neighborhood news. If you see something suspicious, let your neighbors know and ask them to do the same.

Give your packages plenty of protection

Many people are buying gifts exclusively online to avoid crowds, meaning more packages will pile up on doorsteps. A doorbell camera and smart lock can help keep your precious packages safe.

When a delivery driver rings your doorbell, you'll get an instant alert on your smartphone. Simply tap the microphone button to have a two-way conversation. Ask the driver to leave the package outside, or if you're away from home, you can unlock your door and turn off your security system so that the driver can leave your packages inside. Then simply lock the door and rearm your system.

**Automate your home security **

On any given day, one in three homeowners worry that the house was left unlocked. Busy holidays make it especially easy to forget things like checking locks and arming your system before leaving home. We have solutions for you! Scenes let you secure your entire home with a single command inside the app. Just tap your preset “Away Scene” to have your doors lock, your security system arm, your garage close, your lights turn off, and the thermostat set itself to energy-saving mode. It's a smarter, more convenient approach when you’re in a hurry.

If you forget to close or lock something, our Geo-services feature can send you a reminder. Once you travel a specified distance from home, you'll get a notification that you need to lock up, close the garage, or arm your system, all of which you can do from the app.

Enjoy your holiday traditions safely

Decorating and cooking are some of the best holiday traditions, but they increase seasonal fire danger. Choose flame-resistant decorations and be sure to replace any worn cords or loose bulbs. Always turn off light strings and other decorations before leaving the house or going to bed.

Home-cooking fires cause $1.2 billion in property damage each year, according to the NFPA. Test your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors and replace batteries regularly. In the event of a fire, our monitored security systems will alert you and a monitoring center agent, who confirms the alarm and alerts emergency response.

Call us today if you’re in need of any additional safety and security measures. We’re always happy to provide a no-cost, no-obligation assessment of your home or business.

Have a safe and happy holiday season!