Statistics Show the Need to Prepare for a Safer Summer

Whether you’re planning a family roadtrip or just plan to relax at home during the summer months, take precautions to protect your property.

Burglaries increase over 10 percent during summer

Between the warmer days, homeowners out of town, and more families enjoying time outdoors, summer is a burglar's favorite season. According to the Department of Justice, you're more likely to experience a break-in or have something stolen from outside your home during the summer months.

• Make sure your cameras, yard signs, and window decals are visible to any potential prowlers casing your neighborhood.

• Don't advertise your travel plans or vacation photos on social media while still out of town. Share your adventures once you return.

One-third of burglaries don't require a break-in

Not all burglaries are carefully targeted and planned. Many are simply crimes of opportunity. And there's no better opportunity than an open garage, door, or window. As you enjoy the outdoors, be careful what you leave visible and accessible.

• A smart garage door controller makes it easy to check the status of your garage and close it from anywhere with the app.

• Our geo-services can send you an alert if you leave home with your front door or garage unsecured. If you forget to arm your system, you can do so remotely, saving you a trip back home.

48 percent of swimming pool injuries occur at residential locations

Your pool is gathering spot for summer fun, but it comes with opportunities for accidents.

• Teach pool safety to your kids and their friends. Make sure they have proper floating devices if they're new to swimming. And always ensure that a supervising adult is present when children are in the pool.

• Set ground rules that specify when your pool is off-limits. For extra awareness, attach a contact sensor to the pool gate to receive an alert whenever it is opened. An outdoor video camera with video alerts is also an invaluable tool.

Grills cause more than 10,000 house fires every year

Always grill at a safe distance from your home, away from roof eaves, deck railings, plants, and overhanging branches.

• If you grill with propane, check the gas tank hose for leaks once a year by applying soapy water. Inspect tubes and valves for common obstructions such as spider webs.

• Never apply charcoal fluid to a grill that's already lit, and let your coals cool overnight before disposing of them.

• Don't leave your grill unattended and keep children and pets away. Last year, 19,000 people went to the hospital for injuries involving a grill.

• Smart life-safety devices such as smoke and CO detectors can protect your home from fire and smoke danger.

Your Mountain Alarm system can help keep your home safe with the latest security technology and professional monitoring with a single smartphone app to control it all. Call us today at 1-888-349-3455 if we can assist in keeping you and yours safe this summer season.