Summertime and the Living is Easy with a Smart Home Security System

With the promise of another hot summer, a smart security system provides a cool, comfortable, and conveniently controlled home. If you haven’t already upgraded to an interactive system, now is the time to make your home smarter and more efficient.

A cellular-based system from Mountain Alarm can save you time and money with the latest energy-management and automation solutions. Our systems offer the ability to control your thermostat, lights, locks, garage doors, and small appliances with your smartphone or computer. Plus, with the telecommunication industry constantly discontinuing older technologies, now is an excellent time to upgrade your system to maintain optimum performance and reliability.

In a world increasingly reliant on smartphones, tablets, laptops, and other web-enabled devices, our cellular-based systems offer all the convenient capabilities of the latest technology and equipment. They also provide the perfect platform to expand your system as needed to integrate the latest devices.

Upgrading your system puts your safety and security right at your fingertips. Imagine receiving real-time text and email alerts from your security system, as well as remotely monitoring your home’s surveillance with the added benefits of video analytics.

Contact us today at 1-888-349-3455 to learn more about options to upgrade your system or to take advantage of our interactive services.