Systems Backed by the Industry’s Best Service & Monitoring

Mountain Alarm takes pride in providing unmatched customer service backed by the best 24/7 alarm monitoring. Our five-diamond-rated monitoring centers set the standard in the industry, providing peace of mind whether protecting your home or business.

When an alarm is activated, our highly trained agents respond based on the type of alarm received. Many service providers simply text or email, but we ensure that contact is made with those listed as points of contact on the account.

Once the alarm is verified, emergency medical services, fire department personnel or police response is dispatched. Communication to responders happens within minutes. Only a select few central stations carry the five-diamond rating. It’s only awarded to companies who demonstrate a commitment to superior functionality and customer service.

Our monitoring centers are UL listed and fully redundant to ensure that, no matter the emergency, we’re protecting you, your family, and property.

Monitoring Features

• Average Response < 20 Seconds

• 100% Redundancy

• Burglar and Fire Alarm Monitoring

• Two-Way Voice Control Panels

• Personal Alarm Monitoring

• AES Radio Monitoring

• Automatic Email Reports

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