Useful Tips for Working at Home from Our Partners at

Working at home has its benefits but often the schedule isn't one of them. It's easy to work longer hours, forget to take breaks, get distracted or feel burned out, especially when you're sharing a workspace and managing your kids' schoolwork. Maintaining a new daily schedule, designed around everyone in your family, can help get you back on track.

Commit yourself to a start time

Start your workday right by settling into your workspace at a set time, just as you normally would. Don’t sleep in and then go right to your computer. It will leave you feeling rushed and unable to provide your kids the management they need.

Instead, set an alarm and get up at the usual time. Use that extra hour to get you and your kids organized.

Smart tip - Schedule your smart thermostat to heat up your bedroom by a couple of degrees just before you wake up, making getting out of bed much easier.

Get the kids on your schedule too

Kids are used to a structured schedule with a school day divided into blocks. Building a schedule for them will keep everyone accountable and organized.

Getting the kids working while you are will also help you share space. Ideally, your family should run on a schedule that keeps everyone occupied at the same time with short breaks for family activities that you can all enjoy together.

Work. Break. Repeat

Stay productive by organizing your day around work blocks that align with your family's schedule. Before you start your workday, assign a task to each work block and use this as a tracker to get things done.

After each work block, take a quick recess with your kids. Step away from your work area and do something fun: a quick backyard exercise session, a game, or a walk around the block. Don't short-change yourself on breaks–they're essential for everyone.

Smart tip - If you really can't take a break with your kids, an outdoor security camera and our app will help you keep up with their adventures.

Don't stop when work stops

If your workdays start to drag or blend into your evenings, don't barricade yourself in your workspace. Schedule a time to stop and something to look forward to when the work is done.

Make it something you enjoy. Plan a game night. If you're missing friends and loved ones, schedule time to video-chat with them. Stay connected! Keep it going and keep it fun.

Use technology to save time

Working from home successfully means cutting down on distractions and saving time where you can. Our app can help. If you haven't discovered these features yet, now is the time:

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