With Interactive Services and the Alarm.com app, Mountain Alarm customers can use Advanced Video Search to effectively search for precise video surveillance footage. You can search your recorded Pro Series CSVR video to look for motion in a specific area during a specific time, or you can search for all recordings associated with events like a badge scanned or a door accessed.

Scrolling through endless SVR recordings looking for desired activity can be cumbersome and time consuming. Advanced Video Search allows you to find the footage you need quickly and easily.

Advanced Video Search Capabilities

Search a camera's SVR timeline for recorded footage that includes motion or a specific event:

• Choose the location within the camera’s field of view to search

• Select the event type to narrow the search parameters

• Input date and time boundaries to narrow your search

• View and download returned clips from the SVR timeline

Advanced Video Search Hardware Requirements

• Alarm.com for Business Pro Series CSVR - Models CSVR2000P, CSVR2008P, CSVR2016P

• Camera Requirements - Alarm.com and third-party cameras that are recording to a Pro Series CSVR

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