Why Mountain Alarm Chooses the Alarm.com Platform

Alarm.com is designed for reliability

Unlike some systems that share a phone or cable line, our Alarm.com-powered systems use a dedicated, cellular connection to provide reliable and uninterrupted service. This also means that there is no vulnerable line outside of your home that could be cut or compromised to disable your security system. Our systems will communicate even if the power is out or the Internet is down. Also, if your panel is tampered with, Alarm.com still sends a signal to you and the monitoring center, thanks to Crash & Smash Protection. 

Proactive safeguards

If there’s an emergency situation or other alarm event, the Alarm.com platform saves precious time. If smoke or carbon monoxide is detected, Alarm.com can automatically shut down the heat or AC to stop the circulation of dangerous fumes and send a signal to first responders. Your system’s cameras can even sound an alert to deter unwanted visitors whether you’re home or away. With Alarm.com, you can easily set rules so that your system responds automatically in an emergency.

Real-time alerts and notifications

Alarm.com’s technology keeps you notified of any activity, whether your system is armed or not. This means you can get text, push, or email notifications when a door or window is breached or if a medicine or gun cabinet is opened. With flexible and easy to set custom rules and alerts, you can get a reminder if the garage door hasn’t been closed by a specified time, or if you leave without arming the system. Create reminders based on time of day or when the system detects that you’ve traveled a certain distance from home.

Customizable solutions and emerging technologies

Mountain Alarm and Alarm.com offer a whole suite of services to better protect your home including video surveillance, energy management, and home automation. As you add components to your system, Alarm.com seamlessly connects all of your devices so they work in concert¬. You’ll enjoy the safety and convenience of a totally connected home or business¬ today and as security technology evolves.

Call us today at 1-888-349-3455 to get the best security products and services. Combined with the Alarm.com platform and Mountain Alarm’s superior customer care and 24/7¬ monitoring, there is no better way to protect your home or business.