Alarm Panel

The central switching station for the whole alarm system, which processes all the information, forwards it and responds as required.

Alarm Detector

Device that sends a message to the alarm panel in case of a specific event (e.g. movement, glass breakage, vibration).

Alarm Monitoring

Different from home monitoring, alarm monitoring is the process of observing activity that is tracked or triggering any installed alarm. By monitoring alarm activity, home security service companies can respond accordingly if anything happens.

Alarm Zone

Specified area to be monitored by a sensor or detector


In armed mode the system will issue an alarm when triggered (e.g. door open). In disarmed mode, it does not issue an alarm when the system is triggered. Warning systems are programmed differently. For instance when smoke is detected, an alarm should still be issued even when the alarm panel is disarmed.

Contact Detector

The detector recognizes when a window, door, window blind, garage door, etc. is opened.


Any instance that triggers a detector or sensor.

Flood Detector

Can prevent damage caused by water with a sensor positioned near where flooding would likely first occur.

Glass Break Detector

These detectors respond to sound of breaking glass.

Motion Detector

Detector which recognizes people through moving heat, ultrasonics, or microwaves.
Pet immune motion detectors can ignore animals up to a specific maximum weight (e.g. 40 lbs).

Smash and Crash Protection

This technology ensures that a entry notification is sent to the monitoring center before a burglar can disable, sabotage, or tamper with the panel.

Silent Arm

For this type of alarm the transducer does not make any sound. The monitoring center is silently notified.


Alarm device which issues the panel when the corresponding command is given (siren, strobe light etc.).


Different users of the alarm system can be assigned separate access and codes.

Wireless Alarm System

Detectors and sensors are connected to the panel without wired connections.

Wireless Remote Control

For convenient, location-independent arming/disarming of the panel and system control.