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Commercial Security Cameras

Keep an eye on your assets.

Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) gives you the ability to view and record events happening in multiple areas of your facility or home. Video surveillance can result in positive effects on your business operations, improve loss prevention and shrinkage control, add power to your access control, free you from expensive guard services and lower your liability and insurance payments.

Remote Viewing
Visit all your locations in one day quickly and easily without ever leaving your desk or smart phone. Protecting your business from theft or loss sometimes means being in more than one place at a time. We have the solutions that make it possible for you to remotely view live video feeds and access recorded activity from anywhere in the world.

Video Monitoring
Advances in video technology have led to next-generation video surveillance systems. We can install and program a network video recorder (NVR) at your location that triggers on an alarm. The NVR would then send the images being recorded to one of our state-of-art monitoring centers. Our operators could see what is happening at your location–real-time–while they are on the phone with the proper authorities. This results in more accurate dispatching of real alarms, and proper handling of false alarms.